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David | Davy | Chris

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Being aficionados of coffee and maximum volume, THE MACHINE have been defying predictability since their inception in 2007. The Dutch three-piece, comprised of David Eering, Davy Boogaard and Chris Both, are an established name in the European heavy underground.

12 years - and still counting - into their career, THE MACHINE laid waste to a plethora of clubs and festivals and delivered six and a half full-lengths along the way. Without losing their own sonic identity, the band has incorporated anything from the long psych jams on scene’s cult favorite "Solar Corona" (2009) and 2011’s "Drie", to the more compact song writing on "Faceshift" (2018). Intensifying the flirt with noise rock and grunge, their latest effort is 8 songs of hooks, melodies and heaviness. In hindsight, it's a snapshot of a band at the verge of a shift to a new phase.

A late 2018 lineup change marks the start of a new era for the band. More focused and tighter than ever, this reset propels THE MACHINE straight into the future.

We will be on tour in October, nice. These are the dates: