THE MACHINE is a power trio based out of Sliedrecht, The Netherlands. Since their formation in 2007, they have been steering away from scene cliches and gimmicks by sticking to their idiosyncratic path. The band’s sonic evolution cumulated in a genre-defying blend of stoner grunge, modern psychedelia, noise rock and the heavier side of shoegaze. Having played a plethora of clubs and festivals throughout entire Europe, THE MACHINE established their reputation as a tight and no-frills live act with a healthy appreciation for a lot of decibels.

The band’s early days were rooted in heavy psych jams and desert grooves (2009’s Solar Corona became an underground darling) but founding members David Eering (guitar/vocals) and Davy Boogaard (drums) have been incorporating fresh elements with every other release. The late 2018 addition of longtime friend of the band Chris Both (bass) marked another milestone in the history of THE MACHINE, propelling them with a newly found perspective on playing R.O.C.K.

After several pre-COVID club shows and a tour, this incarnation of THE MACHINE is currently working on the band’s seventh full-length. In typical THE MACHINE style the new album will be different from the preceding Faceshift (2018), which is their noisiest and most aggressive record to date. Its successor will probably satisfy fans of the trio’s more fluid side and will be a testament to the rebirth of the band. Expect a transition to floaty vibes, increased room for experimentation and a contemporary take on the big riffs that round out the trademark THE MACHINE sound.

David Eering : Guitar & vocals

Davy Boogaard : Drums

Chris Both : Bass

2007 – Shadow of the Machine [CD/independent release]
2009 – Solar Corona [CD+2LP/Nasoni Records]

Moons of Neptune: >3.5mil views on YouTube
2010 – Drie [CD+2LP/Elektrohasch Records]
2012 – Calmer Than You Are [CD+LP/Elektrohasch Records]
2013 – The Machine & Sungrazer SPLIT [CD+LP/Elektrohasch Records]
2015 – Offblast! [CD+LP/Elektrohasch Records]
2018 – Faceshift [CD+LP/Awe Records]

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