THE MACHINE, your favorite Dutch noise making three-piece rock ensemble. Defying predictability since 2007. Influenced by decades of rocks. Wall of sound purveyors and coffee aficionados.

Over twelve years - and still counting - into their existence, THE MACHINE hauled their poor jokes and overly loud amps to a plethora of clubs and festivals throughout Europe. Having six and a half full-lengths under their belt, they have incorporated anything from the often instrumental psych jams on scene’s cult favorite Solar Corona (2009), to the more focused song writing that started to creep in on Calmer Than You Are (2012). This riff oriented and arguably more aggressive direction predominated more and more during the subsequent years, culminating in their most recent release Faceshift (2018): the result of an intensifying flirt with noise rock and grunge.

THE MACHINE are currently working on their 7th full-length LP. And yes, it will be a fresh perspective on a lot of things. Both new and familiar.


David Eering : Guitar & vocals

Davy Boogaard : Drums

Chris Both : Bass

2007 – Shadow of the Machine [CD/independent release]
2009 – Solar Corona [CD+2LP/Nasoni Records]

Moons of Neptune: >3.5mil views on YouTube
2010 – Drie [CD+2LP/Elektrohasch Records]
2012 – Calmer Than You Are [CD+LP/Elektrohasch Records]
2013 – The Machine & Sungrazer SPLIT [CD+LP/Elektrohasch Records]
2015 – Offblast! [CD+LP/Elektrohasch Records]
2018 – Faceshift [CD+LP/Awe Records]

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